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沈阳1966-2000 From "Valve Factory" to Enterprise Transformation

Beipiao Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Beipiao Vacuum Valve Factory) was established in 1966 and is a designated enterprise of the former Ministry of Machinery and Electronics. Since the establishment of the company for half a century, it has continued to make progress and has now become a professional technology-based enterprise integrating vacuum acquisition, vacuum application technology development and equipment manufacturing.

沈阳“北票真空阀门厂”于1966年成立,隶属于北票市轻工局,是北票市8大地方国有企业之一,是当时北方 一家专业的真空阀门生产厂家,主要技术源于苏联。
沈阳 2000年,国有企业转制,成立北票真空设备有限公司,时任国有厂厂长高俊旺同志任北票真空设备有限公司董事长兼总经理。
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