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Beipiao Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. (formerly Beipiao Vacuum Valve Factory) was established in 1966 and is a designated enterprise of the former Ministry of Machinery and Electronics. The total area of the plant is over 50 acres. The main plant is located in the Taiji Management Zone of Beipiao City. The new plant is located in the Light Textile Industrial Park of the Economic Development Zone of Beipiao City. The total investment exceeds 100 million yuan. There are 62 employees, including 12 engineers and technicians. The company has more than 100 sets of various processing and manufacturing equipment and nearly 20 patented technologies. Over the years, it has been innovating and making progress. It has grown into a professional vacuum acquisition, A high-tech enterprise engaged in vacuum application technology development and equipment manufacturing.

The company is located in Beipiao City, Liaoning Province, in the west of Liaoning Province, with the Bohai Sea in the south and Inner Mongolia in the north. It is an important part of the Bohai Sea Economic Circle. Beipiao City is rich in fossil resources and mineral resources. 44 types of mineral resources have been proven. Among them, gold mineral reserves are the most abundant. The fossil industry is prosperous and diverse. It is known as "the world's first bird flies and the first flower blooms." Place". The transportation in Beipiao City is very convenient. The Beijing-Shenzhen high-speed railway can directly connect to Beijing, Shenyang and other cities. National highways 101 and 305 and Changshen Expressway run through urban and rural areas. The central city is 45 kilometers away from Chaoyang Airport and 150 kilometers away from Jinzhou Port.

The company has a technical team with rich practical experience, specializing in the development and design of vacuum equipment. Over the years, through the continuous exploration and innovation of several generations of Beizhen people, the company can design and manufacture high vacuum oil diffusion pumps, oil diffusion jet vacuum pumps, There are more than 20 series and more than 100 varieties of vacuum products including various series of vacuum valves and vacuum units.

       Since its transformation in 2000, Beipiao Vacuum Equipment Co., Ltd. has injected new vitality and vitality into the enterprise. It has successively developed large-caliber and special-shaped electrical and pneumatic high-vacuum flapper valves. It has also developed rapid development for defense, scientific research and other departments. Closed high-temperature water-cooled large-scale flapper valve has become the largest valve manufacturer in China. The company's products and services are spread all over the country and have won unanimous praise from users. Our tenet is: "Customer needs are the goal we are constantly pursuing." Honesty, dedication, pioneering, and innovation are the company's spirit. We will provide high-tech products and various forms of services for domestic and foreign users. We look forward to sincere cooperation with colleagues from all walks of life. , Go hand in hand, create brilliant together!


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